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Establishment & legislation

The Ythan District Salmon Fishery Board was established on the 29 April 1864 under the Salmon Acts and now under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation)(Scotland) Act 2003.  The Board is one of 41 Boards across Scotland (Fisheries Management Scotland website).  

Official powers & duties

District Salmon Fishery Boards have the following powers and duties under current legislation:


  • to act, undertake works and incur expenses for the protection and improvement of the fisheries within their districts, for the increase of salmon and sea trout and the stocking of the district with these fish
  • to impose financial assessments on each salmon fishery in the district, and to charge interest on arrears
  • to borrow funds, and to incur a wide range of expenditure in furtherance of their powers and duties
  • to appoint water bailiffs to enforce the salmon fisheries legislation
  • exempt persons from certain provisions of the law for scientific or other purposes
  • to sue in the name of the clerk


  • to appoint a Clerk
  • to maintain a list of proprietors within the DSFBs district
  • to produce an annual report and audited accounts and to consider these at an AGM
  • to call a triennial electoral meeting
  • to ensure that the Valuation Roll is kept up to date so that it includes all Riparian Hereditaments (Fishing Rights) in the District

Board members

Charles-Iain Wolrige Gordon


Representing proprietor -Esslemont Estate, Ellon

Alec Paterson

Board member

Representing the River Ythan Trust as Secretary

Eric Ritchie

Board member

Representing proprietor - Ramornie House

Ron Coutts

Board member

Co-opted member representing angling interests (Newburgh)

Edward Arthur

Clerk to the Board


Board member


Board member

Representing angling interests (Haddo House Angling Club)

Michael Geoghegan

Board member

Co-opted member representing  the Scottish Environment Protection Agency ( SEPA)

Valerie Leeming

Board member

Representing proprietor -

M Bruce & Partners Ltd

Dr John Pirie

Board member

Representing proprietor  - Ardlogie House, Fyvie

Paul Adderton

Board member

Representing proprietor - Aberdeen and District Angling Association 

Annabel Drysdale

Board member

Co-opted member representing

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) (Forvie National Nature Reserve)

Ythan District Salmon Fishery Board

The Ythan District Salmon Fishery Board a statutory body responsible for the protection and enhancement of Atlantic salmon and sea trout fisheries in the Ythan District, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


The Board’s running costs are funded by proprietors who issues permits to anglers to fish in their fishings of the river.   Proprietors can use or let out their areas as they wish providing they comply with the statutory instruments or local agreements.  Proprietors have representatives on the Board.

The Board's funding is provided through the imposition of a charge (Assessment) on all proprietors within the District based on the Valuation Roll applicable at the time within the District. The rate of assessment (£ per £ of rateable value) is determined annually by the Board as being the overall sum necessary to fulfil the statutory duties and function of the Board divided by the total rateable value of the District


The Board produces reports throughout the year on catches, redd counts and the pisciverous bird count.  The reports are available on our reports  page.


The Board holds public meetings twice a year in January and June.  Find out about upcoming meetings and download meeting minutes.


The Ythan District Salmon Fishery Board has a complaints handling procedure that outlines how the Board handles complaints, who to contact, timelines, record keeping and reporting of complaints. 

Download the Ythan District Salmon Fishery Board Complaints Procedure (PDF)


If you would like to get in touch the Ythan District Salmon Fishery Board please contact:

Edward Arthur

Clerk to the Board

Email: clerk@riverythan.org

Phone: 07359220223

Write to:

Estate Office
House of Schivas
AB41 7TN