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River levels

The amount of water in the river is largely dependent on rainfall so spates or sudden floods can occur on the river when there is heavy rainfall and during droughts the water level and flow can fall. 

Flow rates can vary between 20 million gallons per day (76,000m3) during a drought to 1.8 billion gallons per day (680,000m3) in heavy floods.   The highest recorded flood was probably that of 1829 when the river rose 10-12 ft above its normal level.

Monitoring river levels (SEPA)

Data about the current river levels can be see using the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) monitoring stations.

Ellon station (SEPA website)

Monitoring the River Ythan (River Ythan catchment)

Mill of Keithfield station  (SEPA website) 
Monitoring Keithfield Burn (River Ythan catchment)

All SEPA monitoring stations (SEPA website)
Monitoring rivers across Scotland

Webcams monitoring river levels

River levels can be viewed from Ellon and Fyvie using the Farson Digital Watercams service.

Ellon Centre - Farson Digital Watercam (Farson website)  

Fyvie Road Bridge - Farson Digital Watercam (Farson website) 

Water quality, river status and basin management

More information about the status of river across Scotland including the Ythan can be found on the Scottish Environment Protection Agency website.

Status of all rivers and waterways in Scotland (SEPA website) 
SEPA water environment hub (interactive map)

Status of water quality in Scottish rivers (SEPA website)
SEPA water classification hub (interactive map)

River Basin Management Planning  (SEPA website)
Plans and information about protecting and improving Scotland’s water environment